2022 "Reducing the Threat of Nuclear War"

[11-4-21 Draft Program]

Panelists in Bold have been invited, other Panelists are proposed

2022 Reducing the Threat of Nuclear War:

Rebuilding a Broader Movement

Saturday afternoon, Jan 29, 2022,  2 – 6 pm

[2:10 pm] Dangers and Costs: Chair -Susan Mirsky:

            Prohibiting First Use of Nuclear Weapons - Elaine Scarry

            Resisting a New Cold War with China - Joseph Gerson

            How the Nuclear Weapons Manufacturers Influence Policy - William Hartung

[3:10] Paths Forward:  Chair Savina Martin

            Prospects for Changing U.S. Nuclear Weapons Policies - Joe Cirincione

            Role of the Congressional Progressive Caucus in Promoting Nuclear Disarmament - Larry Cohen

            A Fusion Movement Countering the War Economy -  Rev. William Barber-II

4:00 Break

[4:10 pm ]- Breakouts, listed below in arbitrary  order: (Chairs and panelists are proposed- not yet invited). These are working groups – can be small and focused. Reporters to provide summary of proposals    from the Breakout for circulation toi Registrants and co-sonosring organization.

  1. Growing in New Congressional Districts: Chair – Cole Harrison – Panelists Dave Borris (CAPA), Joseph Geevarghese (OR) , Jean Athey (MD), John Isaacs(CLW). (Reporter Zoe Stevenson).
  2. Promoting Nuclear Disarmament in Rotary Clubs: Chair Frances Jeffries. Panelists - Ann Frisch. (Reporter Peter Metz).
  3. Promoting ND within Communities of Faith: Chair - Sophia Wollman. Panelists Mark Moran, Keith Harvey. (Reporter Louise Coleman). 
  4. Advancing the Back From the Brink Resolution: Chair - Anna Baker. Panelists Denise Duffield (LA), Ira Helfand, Dennis Carlone. (Reporter – Jeannie Winner).
  5. Advancing No First Use Legislation: Chair- Steve Gallant. Panelists- Elaine Scarry, Rachel Bronson (Bulletin), Zia Mian (Princeton), Dave Pack (Kansas City) .(Reporter- Steve Slaner).
  6. Cutting the Budget for New Nuclear Weapons: Chair – Carley Towne. Panelists, Monica Montgomery (CLW), Jackie Cabasso (WSLF), David Swanson (World Beyond War) . (Reporter, Richard Krushnic ). 
  7. Resisting a New Cold War and Promoting International Treaties: Chair - John Ratliff (Mass Peace Action).Panelists Joseph Gerson (Campaign for Peace, Disarmament and Common Security); Erica Fein (Win Without War),Mike Van Elzakker, Kevin Martin. (Reporter – Lynne Hall)
  8. Fund Healthcare Not Warfare; Recruiting in the Public Health Community: Chair – Amar Ahmad. Panelists – Dr. Gwen DuBois; Catherine DeLorey; Martin Fleck; Vaughn Goodwin.    (Reporter-Louis Parker)
  9. Recruiting Campus Faculty: Chair; Prof. Robert Redwine (MIT). Panelists -Prof. Stewart Prager (Princeton), Emily Rubino,; Prof. Gary Goldstein (Tufts U). (Reporter – TBA)
  10. No Wars, No Warming Chair- Rev. Bob Moore (NJ); Ed Aguilar (CFPA) Rosalie Anders (MAPA), Maryellen Kurkelos, Nick Rabb (Sunrise), Diane Fine, Vernon Walker. (Reporter – TBA).
  11. Mobilizing Cultural Workers, Musicians and Artists: (Chair – Jim Anderson: Panelists Eva Mosely, Kathie Malley-Morrison, Susan Mirsky. (Reporter – Lynne Hall).
  12. Working with Our Revolution Chapters: (Chair; Bob Muehlenkamp; Jared Hicks, Rand Wilson, Andrea Burns, Mass Rep Carol Doherty).
  13. Working with Poor Peoples Campaign Chapters ( Chair - Savina Martin: Panelists Jodie Evans (CodePINK), Rosemary Kean (MAPA), Dan Luker (Veterans for Peace) Martha Speiss (Maine), Steve Powell),
  14. Designing Direct Actions including Divestment (Chair – Susan Mirsky. Panelists - Rev. Paul Dordal (PA), Paul Shannon (AFSC) , Medea Benjamin. (Reporter – TBA)

5:15 pm Moving Outward: Chair Jodie Evans

            U.S. House and Senate Spokespersons – TBA

            Moving our Ideas  into Political Action  -Medea Benjamin

6:00 pm Adjourn.


Co-Sponsors: List in formation.