Campus Forums

     At the May 6 Conference "Reducing the Threat of Nuclear War" attendees agreed that expanding such forums to other campuses was an important organizing goal. This is a critical  step to increase opportunities for students and faculty to participate in key national policy decisions, including setting civilian versus military priroties in the federal budget, and nuclear weapons/nuclear disarmament policy. IPE has taken this task as a high priority.

      The Steering committee for this national Campus Forum Organizing Campaign includes Jim Anderson (Peace Action New York State); Prof. Aron Bernstein (MIT Physics and Council for a Livable World); Prof. Gary Goldstein (Tufts Physics and Mass Peace Action); Cole Harrison (Mass Peace Action); Prof. Vincent Intondi (Montgomery College); Prof. Jonathan King (MIT, Mass Peace Action and IPE); Andrea Miller (People Demanding Action); Hon. John Tierney (Council for a Livable Wolrd); Prof. Elaine Scarry (Harvard University, Mass Peace Action and IPE); Prof. Max Tegmark (MIT Physics and Future of Life Institute); Dr. Michael VanElzakker (Mass General Hospital and IPE).

      In the coming period we will be organizing campus talks and forums on the general theme "Investing in Minds or Missiles: Congressional Budget Choices". For the Fall of 2017, campus meetings are currently planned for the following institutions, hosted by faculty or student organizations:

Boston University

Hampshire College, MA

Montgomery College, Maryland;

Northeastern University, Boston, MA

Princeton University, NJ

Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ

University of Mass, Amherst Ma

Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester,MA

If you would like to be kept informed of these campus-based activities, please click join to be added to our announcements list (low traffic). If you would like assistance in organizing an event on your campus, contact us at <[email protected]>.