PPC June 18 Moral March

National Assembly of Poor and Low Wage Workers Moral March on Washington and to the Polls.           

One of the most significant social and political mobilizations planned for the coming Spring is the National Assembly and Moral March of Poor and Low Wage Workers, in Washington DC on June 18,, 2022. The Poor Peoples Campaign has analyzed recent election results, revealing low turnout of poor and low wage voters in key elections. A relatively small increase in this large pool of voters could make the difference in key  2022 midterm contests. However, low frequency voters are unlikely to be mobilized by simple calls to vote. Thus the June 18 Assembly  addresses the major issues facing the nation’s 140 million low wealth people – Voting rights, Raising the Minimum Wage, Expanding Healthcare and Health Insurance, Militarism and the War Economy, and Ecological Devastation. The Poor Peoples Campaign is the largest movement in the nation that explicitly rejects militarism ,and calls for reordering the war economy.